Our Areas Of Practice

The firm litigates in the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court of Appeals, Labour Appeal Court, Labour Court, CCMA, Bargaining Councils and various Statutory Legal and Quasi-Legal Tribunals.  

Advice, drafting and representation on all aspects of Employment law, including Pensions law, benefits, contracts (fixed term and permanent contracts, flexible contracts of employment), employment policies (disciplinary codes, performance management, incapacity procedures) restraints of trade, dismissal law, restructuring, equal work for equal pay issues, occupational health and safety, COIDA and employment equity.

The firm is particularly renowned for its specialty in collective Labour law matters as well as its success in managing and interdicting large, medium and small scale strikes, the handling of violent strikes as well as unlawful conduct during strikes. It handles wage negotiations as well as Large scale Retrenchment Exercises across a broad range of Industries with a particular focus on the Retail, Motor, Manufacturing, Mining, Construction, IT, Tech Development and Medical Sectors.

The Firm provides a host of services in this regard which includes general advice on discipline within the workplace, drafting of charges, Initiating and Chairing Disciplinary Enquiries.

The Firm provides training on a wide range of issues ranging from compliance, legal insight on Employment Law, Industrial Relations, Occupational Health and Safety, POPIA and FICA.

The firm’s most popular Employment Law course is “Effective discipline in the Workplace” – a module designed to train Chairpeople and Initiators on how to manage workplace discipline properly and cost effectively.

Conducting inspections and preparation of workplace compliance, due diligence and verification exercises and reports, specifically targeted at the areas of Occupational Health and Safety, COIDA, Employment Equity, POPIA, FICA and sufficient union representativity within the workplace differentiates the Firm from others within the Field, who have long resisted or have simply outsourced this type of work.

The firm conducts and prepares  Occupational Health and Safety Audits and Reports.

Both the Employment and Commercial Practitioners are involved in large, medium, and small scale forensic matters, offer legally managed Forensic services as well as working closely with leaders in the Forensic field.

The Firm  provides Representation in Employment Law disputes in SADC Countries.

Advice covering a range of legal issues in various African countries, in conjunction with local in-country attorneys including in Tanzania, Lesotho, Swaziland, DRC, Zimbabwe, Mocambique and Malawi

The firm litigates in the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court of Appeals, High Courts & Magistrates Courts.

In doing so it covers areas involving Commercial recoveries, Sectional Title disputes, Companies Act litigation (shareholder and directors), Contractual disputes, Construction and Building disputes, Property disputes, Administrative Law, Political Party disputes, Local Municipal disputes, Local Government litigation, Restraint of Trade matters, Exposure recoveries, undertaking Liquidations, Sequestration, Curator Applications and Business Rescue proceedings.

Advice on the provisions of the Companies Act, National Credit Act, Insolvency Act, Consumer Protection Act and commercial agreements.

Advisory services in Contract and Business Law for all Commercial transactions including sales of business, shares and members’ interests and all compliance requirements for all range of legislation that impacts businesses.

Advice and litigation on various banking issues and disputes.

Advice and litigation on various insurance issues and disputes.

Correspondent services range from ad hoc instructions to full scale trial services dedicated in various Labour Court, High Court and Magistrate Courts in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Advice and services covering a wide range of Family Law issues.

Ante-nuptial agreements, Family Litigation ( both in court and via mediation)  including both opposed and unopposed divorce matters, proceedings related to care/custody and contact/access of children, settlement agreements and parenting plans arising from divorce, maintenance proceedings, legal proceedings related to domestic violence and post-divorce matters including the relocation of minor child relocation to other countries and drafting wills.