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When it comes to the law, it pays to have a strong team on your side.  Macgregor Erasmus Attorneys specialises in commercial, corporate, insurance, construction and employment law advice and litigation. We provide a practical approach to helping businesses and individuals solve legal issues.  Contact us today if you face a legal issue, or wish to avoid one.


Tel: (031) 201 8955
Fax: (031) 201 8966

Tel: (011) 268 0720
Fax: (011) 268 2403

Tel: (021) 492 2891
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Tel:    (031) 201 8955
Fax:   (031) 201 8966
Physical Address: 114 Bulwer Road, Glenwood, Durban
Postal Address: Postnet 278, Private Bag X04, Dalbridge, 4014


Tel:   (011) 268 0720
Fax:  (011) 268 2403
Physical Address: N201A, Thrupps Illovo Centre, 204 Oxford Road, Illovo, Gauteng, 2196
Postal Address: Postnet Suite 124, Private Bag X11, Birnam Park, 2015


Tel:   (021) 4922891
Fax:  (021) 4221224
Physical Address: S1, Urban Hub, 142 Buitengracht Street, Cape Town, 8001
Postal Address: P O Box 455, Cape Town, 8000

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Bruce Macgregor (Partner) – BA LLB: Bruce solves legal issues quickly in a direct manner, giving businesses results and solutions which talk to business profitability and not by providing traditional stodgy legal advice. Bruce has a bustling Commercial, Insurance and Employment Law practice. Bruce is an Admitted Solicitor in England & Wales (not practicing), and has sat as an Acting Judge in the Labour Court of South Africa. Bruce is English and Zulu speaking.

Richard Erasmus (Partner) – BA LLB, Post Grad Diploma IR: Labour Law: Richard is a formidable litigator who has an extensive Employment Law practice. Richard also leads legally managed forensic investigations into fraud and corruption in conjunction with Forensic Experts, including initiating prosecutions and civil recoveries.

Bhauna Hansjee (Partner) – LLB, LLM: Bhauna has a Commercial litigation and Commercial drafting practice.  Bhauna is a commercial lawyer who advises corporates over a range of commercial law areas. Bhauna also has a specialty practice in the application, structures and agreements underpinning the Consumer Protection Act and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment.  She is also a published author of the only Handbook for Candidate Attorneys in circulation in South Africa.

Mpho Titus (Partner) – LLB: In house Counsel and General Litigation. Mpho is one of two in-house Counsel we employ. Mpho leverages off his many years as an Advocate at the Bar, to provide quick and direct access by our clients to his litigation skills. Mpho is English and Sotho speaking.

Charmane Nel (In-House Counsel) BA LLB, LLM (Constitutional Law): Charmane has a wide litigation practice covering, amongst others, commercial (including the built environment and insurance law disputes), civil, administrative law, constitutional, labour, environmental and land development litigation.

Charmane started her career as an attorney, being admitted in 1998, and in 2000 was admitted to the bar as an advocate and became a practising member of the KZN Society of Advocates until November 2014 when she joined Macgregor Erasmus. She has had notable victories, including in the Labour Appeal Court, Supreme Court of Appeals and in September 2013 in the Constitutional Court, and has sat on the bench as an acting Judge of the Labour Court.

Charmane has now joined Macgregor Erasmus as one of its in-house counsel bringing with her more than 19 years of  litigation experience and an expert hand in proving that the best defence is in fact a good offence.

Jacques Schabort (Partner) – BA LLB: Jacques is a sought after Employment Law litigator whose assertive style is also used to good effect in forensic investigations where fraud and corruption in organizations is uncovered, with Jacques successfully dismissing those involved, including pursuing civil recoveries and assisting the police to proceed criminally. Jacques is English, Afrikaans, German and Sotho Speaking.

Hendri Pretorius (Partner) – BCom LLB (UP): Hendri is a committed Civil and Employment Law litigator who lives law. Hendri is another of our attorneys who enjoys litigating in all the courts, saving clients the additional costs of external counsel. Hendri is English and Afrikaans speaking.

Stefan Hill (Partner) – BCom LLB (Stellenbosch): Stefan is a seasoned all rounder in the fields of Commercial, Civil, Insurance and Employment law. Stefan is known nationally for his highly effective correspondent practice. His assertive style ensures success in high volume Insurance and Bank work for is clients.

Stefan has been actively involved in Administrative Law and Local Government Law over the years, acting for a number of the leading Political Parties of South Africa.

He is passionate about building relationships with clients, to insure the client’s needs are fully understood and attended to. This has resulted in a number of successful discrimination matters in both the Labour Appeal Court and High Court of South Africa. Stefan is English and Afrikaans speaking.

Elco Geldenhuys (Partner) –LLB degree  (University of Natal): Elco has been involved in the practice of employment law since 2005 as a trade union representative and has 11 years of litigation experience in the Labour Court, CCMA and various Bargaining Councils.  He obtained his LLB degree from the University of Natal and was a partner at another firm for 5 years prior to joining Macgregor & Erasmus Attorneys.

Elco has acted for a broad range of clients including trade unions, municipalities, companies, government entities and individual employees in all South African Courts and tribunals.  He believes strongly in empowering clients and regularly facilitates dispute resolution training.

Glen Kirby-Hirst (Associate) – BCom LLB: Glen’s polite bedside manner belies the intense preparation and hunger to win his client’s cases. Glen is an Employment Law specialist who quietly continues to rack up wins throughout Employment tribunals and Courts around South Africa.

Preshni Govender (Associate) – LLB: Preshni is primarily a litigator in the civil and Employment law fields. Preshni likes to win.

Yaseen Moollatjie (Ass0ciate) – LLB – Labour law:  Yaseen completed his LLB Degree at UWC as well as his School for Legal Practice certificate (Cum laude) at UCT in 2012. He completed his articles at De Klerk & Van Gend Inc. He then completed his Postgraduate diploma in Labour Law at UWC (Cum laude) and took up a position in the Employee Relations department at Truworths Ltd. in 2015.

From his senior position as Industrial Relations Specialist, he has gained a priceless understanding of the retail industry. He has in this position advised on labour and employment issues in numerous African countries. Yaseen joins us, after a hunger to be back in Practice, and gain experience in different industries.

Zuziwe Mlitwa (Associate) – LLB (UKZN): Zuziwe’s practice is focused on her Employment Law interests and her extensive arbitration experience. Zu is English and Zulu speaking.

Dennis Hlengwa (Associate)- LLB (UNISA): Dennis is an Employment lawyer who is also a part time CCMA commissioner. Dennis’ background in trade unions and the CCMA gives him a unique perspective on dispute resolution. Dennis is English and Zulu speaking.

Qudsiyyah Majam (Associate) –  BCOM and LLB Degrees from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and an LLM in International Commercial Law from the University of South Wales (formerly Glamorgan). “Q” is a passionate Employment Law practitioner who just refuses to give up once she is locked in litigation.

Helen Blackbeard (Associate) – BComm LLB (Stellenbosch): Helen commenced her articles with De Klerk and Van Gend in December 2014 and completed her articles with Macgregor Erasmus Attorneys in December 2016. She is now employed as an Associate in the Litigation department in our Cape Town office. Helen is at the forefront on the matrimonial and family law practice, and an eager and strong litigant. She further has a strong attraction to commercial law, and is fascinated by the interactions of the different scopes of law on each other. She served as the Cape Town Candidate Attorneys Association secretary in 2015.

The Firm


Macgregor Erasmus Attorneys was established in 2008 out of a need for heavyweight legal assistance with an uncompromising, aggressive litigation style and the giving of quality legal advice to ensure the very best result for every client.

Macgregor Erasmus Attorneys’ biggest asset is the quality of its practitioners, who are effective and results-driven. They are the new breed of attorney.


Inspired by their own herd of Nguni cattle just outside Howick in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands, the Firm chose the Nguni bulls as a logo.

Like the Macgregor Erasmus legal team, these highly valued creatures are hardy and tough, approachable but aggressive and efficient in defending their territory. Indigenous to this region, they know the South African environment and thrive where other breeds battle and, as a result, are highly independent – yet graceful.


  • To provide added-value legal advice to our clients.
  • To negotiate fees up front, giving our clients a perspective of risk vs. cost, ensuring that the legal fees do not become part of the problem.
  • We are prepared to resolve any legal problem, from the frustrating and complex to the annoyingly common.
  • 125% BBBEE status.


Our Areas of Practice

Commercial / Corporate and General Litigation:

  • We litigate in the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court of Appeals, High Courts & Magistrates Courts. This includes litigating over sectional title disputes, Companies Act litigation (shareholder and directors), contractual disputes, construction and building disputes, property disputes, administrative law and local government litigation, environmental and restraint of trade matters.
  • We also undertake Liquidations, Sequestration and Curator Applications.

Commercial & Corporate Advice and Agreements:

  • We provide a full range of advisory services in contract and business law for all commercial transactions including sales of business, shares and members’ interests and all compliance requirements for all range of legislation that impacts on your business.

Employment Law:

  • We litigate in the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court of Appeals, Labour Appeal Court, Labour Court, CCMA, bargaining councils and various statutory legal and quasi-legal tribunals.
  • We advise on all aspects of employment law, including pensions law, benefits, contracts (including fixed term contracts, permanent contracts, flexible contracts of employment), employment policies (disciplinary codes, performance management, incapacity procedures) restraints of trade, dismissal law, restructuring, equal work for equal pay issues, occupational health and safety, COIDA and employment equity.
  • We have a specialty practice in collective labour law, managing and interdicting strikes, handling violent strikes and unlawful conduct during strikes, wage negotiations, drafting collective agreements and managing union / management relations.

Chairing disciplinary hearings:

  • We further initiate and provide Chairpersons for internal disciplinary hearings.

Insurance Law:

  • We advise and litigate on various insurance issues and disputes.

Medical Negligence:

  • We act in a broad range of medical negligence matters.

The Investigation Department:

  • We provide legally managed forensic services.


  • We provide a range of training for clients on issues of compliance, legal insight and employment law and industrial relations.
  • Our most popular Employment Law course is “Effective discipline in the Workplace” – a module designed to train Chairpeople and Initiators to handle workplace discipline properly.

Litigating in Africa:

  • We represent our clients in Employment Law disputes in Namibia and Botswana.
  • We advise our clients over a range of legal issues in various African countries, in conjunction with local in-country attorneys including in Tanzania, Lesotho, Swaziland, DRC, Zimbabwe, Mocambique and Malawi.

Effective legal solutions & use of in-house Counsel to reduce cost:

  • The firm also acts for a number of multinationals and foreign owned businesses who seek frank and direct advice, often in circumstances where these businesses are new to Africa and South Africa as an investment destination.
  • Our lawyers offer a high level of skill and expertise in providing quick and cost effective legal solutions. We further look to streamline the litigation process in having two of our own in house Counsel, both previously advocates, who act throughout the matter, reducing the cost of procuring external Counsel.
  • The firm operates throughout South Africa servicing a broad range of businesses, from large listed organisations to medium and small companies and organisations, including various government departments and parastatals.

Correspondent Practice:

  • We offer dedicated correspondent services in various Labour Court, High Court and Magistrate Courts.
  • The correspondent services range from ad hoc instructions to full scale trial services.

Matrimonial and Family Law:

  • We litigate in the Regional and High Courts on family issues including divorce applications, rule 43 applications and maintenance applications.
  • We advise and draft Antenuptial Contracts including services for execution and lodgment at the Deed’s Office.
  • We draft Wills, Trusts and advise on Estate Planning.

The Investigations Department

We have created the Investigations Department to ensure our Clients have access to the very best Investigative resources to address every business concern, at a rate that is sustainable. By providing these services ourselves, we can direct the focus of the investigation with a proper understanding of our Client“s needs and the end result they seek.

Legal directed and managed forensic advice and investigations

The forensics services are overseen and managed by one of our attorneys, who guides and oversees these services in ensuring focused and cost effective service to clients.

About Us

Our staff have specialist expertise and experience in forensic investigations, computer and digital forensic, cyber-crime, IT security, process improvement and fraud risk management, with in excess of 40 years relevant experience.

We are passionate about applying international best practice to deliver a personalised and cost effective service of the highest standard that makes a tangible difference to our clients’ business.

We practice sound corporate governance and measure everything that we do against the pillars of Honesty, Professionalism and Ethical practices.

Our services

We have a diverse group of professionals with expertise and experience in various aspects of the investigative process. These professionals work in a symbiotic relationship which allows us to provide a holistic forensic experience to our clients.

The in-house skills and expertise of our team include:

  • Investigative;
  • Computer/Digital forensics;
  • Cyber-crime;
  • IT Security;
  • Process Improvement; and
  • Fraud Risk Management.

Our Senior Investigative Consultants

  • Leon Zwart (ICFP, ACFE)

Leon is a specialist forensic investigator with more than 20 years’ experience in conducting forensic investigations in the public and private sectors. During this time he has investigated various economic offences, which include commercial crimes such as fraud, corruption, theft of intellectual property and money laundering. He has worked closely with various enforcement agencies where the results of investigations warranted criminal action.

Leon has experience in the implementation and management of proactive Fraud and Corruption Awareness Strategies within various organisations. He has also been involved in various engagements where performance improvement strategies have been developed and implemented.

Leon has extensive experience in the labour field and is responsible for investigating matters, preparing reports and compiling evidence bundles for presentation in disciplinary enquiries. He is an expert witness and has given evidence in disciplinary enquiries, arbitration matters and in various courts throughout South Africa.

He is a memberof the Institute of Certified Fraud Practitioners and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. He is currently completing a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree through the University of South Africa.

  • Sean Morrow (ACFE, ISACA)

Sean is responsible for the Digital and Technology Forensics business and has significant experience in this field. He was Senior Manager at a “Big 4” Accounting Firm in the Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services where he played a National role in developing the Forensic Technology and Discovery Services (FTDS) division.

Sean has worked extensively on Syndicated investigations, Fraud and Corruption, Procurement Irregularities and numerous other financial related frauds. Sean has 20 years’ experience in fraud investigations, which includes 16 years computer crime experience.

Sean has extensive experience in the labour field and is responsible for investigating matters, preparing reports and compiling evidence bundles for presentation in disciplinary enquiries. He is an expert witness and has given evidence in disciplinary enquiries, arbitration matters and in various courts throughout South Africa.

He is a member of the Institute of Certified Fraud Practitioners, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and the Information Systems Audit and Controls Association.


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